Saturday, March 26, 2011

26 April 2011, Six more days & a wakeup .. .. TAKE 2 :(

It's 12:59 am, and John and I just learned the MOST frustrating and hurtful angering and emotionally exhaustive lesson in blogging after writing for 2 hours..........>- save and save and ALWAYS save :(((((((((((((((( I basically want to shoot myself right now...two hours..two hours documenting our day and pushed publish instead of save then publish. Im so sick to my stomach right now, gaging on tears of such anger with myself..... WHY NOW... I am going to try quickly here to sum up ( can't possibly begin) what we had just written about Donavan today. Last night I did not get to bed until 2am and now I see I am right back there... Oh Lilah I pray you sleep in a bit for mommy!
    Here goes :(( ( i keep going back and refreshing, hoping desperately it will appear :'(
Okay, I will never let this happen again. This tonights blog(lost!) was about everything that is still so up in the air and we have only 5 more days and a wakeup left to pull it altogether. We have no wheelchair ramp, John cant build one again this year because he is wking fulltime and schooling fulltime, also will be taking care of Lilah... I dont want to face coming home the 24th in a rain storm or having the dog underfoot and Donavan unstably hoisted up steps :( He is growing so phobic about maneuverability post op. I have tried all day Friday and today to get help with having one installed but nothing... Also we have yet to secure a wheelchair. Problem is that it must be a light weight collapsible wheelchair that we can gatecheck from here to Atlanta and then on to Baltimore... We must bring our own because we wont be able to get one there to come home with... The trip and its connections going to Baltimore are no trouble, its going to be horrible coming back the way/route we came...Baltimore---> Atlanta, Atl to Brunswick all with a super anxious child who will have no personal chair space in a busy airport, to protect his leg !!!! He keepd asking me cant he just have some Benedryl before we depart Baltimore and sleep through to our departing gate in Atl... First of all Benedryl does not work on him like it used to at 5yrs...second of all I need him to help navigate him in his chair with a hefty carry on of all his meds to get through the day. Atlanta airport is not for the weak, let alone a 14 yr old kid in a Scottish Rite Brace in a wheelchair, who just had massive hip surgery not 3 weeks prior. I would drive if I had the money and a reliable vehicle Donavan could stretch his left leg out in...I'd be on 95 S so quickly, April 24th with Donavan and his Ipod in back while I look on him in the rear view mirror all the way back home to Beaufort, S.C.......    Roll ON Weekend.... so that I may feast on Monday, a bussiness day... and get answers about some of things up so high in the air :(
Friends this is not even half the post John and I had written and not "saved",,, all the best details and explanations, humor and direction GONE POOF... because I did not save before pressing publish. Im so discouraged and so tired. Tomorrow is a new day, I will try again! Goodnight C: