Friday, June 22, 2012

If you don't have anything nice to say.....

Never stop advocating for your children and their critical needs... don't be intimidated by insurance companies, their workers and their hateful behaviors. Ever. Don't be intimidated by doctors, nurses, administrators of any kind. Because if you don't aggressively advocate for wellness ( physically & emotionally) for your child, nobody else will. Do not be ashamed or discouraged, to be the Mother or Father you should be.- John H. ♥ my loooove.

 Before you go JUMPING into a conversation about books at a high school, between two other people EXCLUSIVELY -Meg Holt and friend, that does not involve you, and then SPEW CONFIDENTIAL TRICARE INFORMATION ABOUT MY SON AND HIS CASE IN A PUBLIC FORUM ON FACEBOOK DURING WORK HOURS, you might next time look inside yourself and realize how much wrong that is. These hateful, CONFIDENTIAL things were read by so many people, friends, family, church members, clients,  DONAVAN and  many of his friends That boy should have been protected by you and instead you blurted these OFFTOPIC matters a mile a minute..... We cannot believe it still. My son shouldn't have had to suffer this publicly, from his nurse care manager. You were my very dear and old friend, I'll never understand why you vented this way you chose. I am taking down the public words you said, because they hurt us everytime we see them over and over and over. Its over.

                              Donavan Truth Halpin   May, 2012 
WORTH every single second of our time. <3 Forever.