Thursday, March 24, 2011

24 March 2011 A start.

Well it's 10:40 pm and John already tried making me go of to bed already an hour ago, but I can't. I thought all day long about a first blog entry for this, my sons journey to Baltimore for surgery with Doc Standard. I participate in at least 40 different menial projects a day all surrounded with getting Donavan,John, Lilah and I ready for this trip, but I never finish a one of them... It is fustrating but tonight I am not going to sleep until I feel satisfied with this. Eight days until we leave and today Donavan said I needed to "relax". Relax? I said to him, are you out of your mind-? Bless him, he just does not get it, anything...I don't want him to. The pressure is immense, he has enough. Maybe I do want him to "get it" but not until he is like 30 something and maybe pawing through a scrapbook type thing and skimming various memories , of this journey that I have saved. I wish I could hold it altogether, this...its a lot. I personally am all over the place and I want to convey in this noted journey, the essence of what its like to be a parent of a child with bad bones in need of immediate care. I hope you will continue to follow Donavan and I and John and Lilah, Beaufort and and life around it. Goodnight and thanks for witnessing my very 1st blog C :