Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 April 2011, 11 hours before Donavan's big surgery :)

Today my goal was to keep Donavan and his mind occupied. We got a very late start from the HP house, out into town via a very expensive taxi ride but we made it! We travelled to a local shopping plaza that had a cinema and we took in two movies almost back to back with a small shopping trip to a tshirt store in between. Donavan chose a shirt that I had to force him to buy a size larger than his usual to fit over his new brace he will be wearing. That didn't go so well. Donavan is very self conscientious as are most teens, but he is very hard on himself concerning his weight. He is perfect to me, but is so inactive a lot of the time that occasionally his weight climbs a bit and he feels horrible about himself. He likes his clothing to fit very snuggly, so that it does not give the illusion that he is heavier than he actually is, so the larger tshirt thing really bothered him. The movies were great. We first watched the new Diary of a wimpy kid and then the battle Los Angeles one which was right up his alley. He was loaded up on big league chew and cherry coke, happily smacking his lips to both through out the both flicks :) That occupied almost 6 hours of our day and then we got back around 7pm, thanks to Amy's husband coming to rescue us from another rip off taxi ride. Donavans anxiety jumps from a 3 to about a 15 the moment we walked into our room...couldn't sit still for the life of him. Tried and tried and tried to reach his grandmother in Texas, no dice. Chose two movies to watch and set them aside. I then offered him my computer and he even passed it up. I suggested he shower and try to relax, chewing half his fingertips off he mumbled that he was heading out into the common lounge area to see what if any other kids were up too. This is very unlike my son. I will begin to pray now for ease of his anxiety because its going to become unmanageable very soon. He asked me for Benedryl an hour ago, I gave it to him and am hoping he is able to rest tonight. It is 11:49pm, I am going to go get him and see if we can watch a bit of tv together before sleeping. Tomorrow is Donavans surgery, I ask that if your reading this that you also offer a prayer for him, that he finds comfort during the very long wait tomorrow before his surgery at 11am.Also please pray that Donavan come out of his surgery calm and not in too much pain. His prior surgeries he wakes up screaming from the shock of immense pain. It is a scream that you would never forget. I have tried many many times. I know Donavan will be in the very best of hands, its the outcome I pray is favorable and that his body resists infection. The hospital stay should only be 3 to 5 days if all goes accordingly. I am praying God's very best for my son. I plan to keep everyone posted when I am able. Thank you for dropping by to read about my boys new journey. Goodnight C: