Wednesday, October 5, 2011

5 October 2011, A Mere Wee Hiccup

     10:39am, Wednesday, Wednesday you bring me a little more peace. We had as stated in today's blog title, a mere wee hiccup with Donavan's next post appt in Baltimore, Md. Due to a very irresponsible and reckless act of an administrative member in the chain of operations at the Naval Hospital here, Donavan's travel documents never made it to their destination for approval of our October 10 appointment with Dr, Standard. Of course I fond this out Monday, with only 6 days until John and Donavan were supposed to travel... John had taken off (2 full days) of work, school and clinical's for this appt. I was to begin my new job and all was well until Monday :( All a wash and a very hard & expensive pill to swallow. We are not even remotely financially comfortable, I know you know what I mean. But we thanked God for everything he continues to provide and we got back upon that saddle and rescheduled for 31 Oct 2011! This time I will be taking Dun and again leaving my husband and 1 yr old behind, also leaving behind the fantastic new job I lost. What can you do!?? Life. We start again and with more determination and power than before, not ever looking back!

     Yesterday Dun's physical therapist told us that depending on what the report is from Dr.Standard when we go, that she wants Donavan to begin independent work outs. That is lone physical therapy, at 14... after a major hip reconstruction and several failed surgery's before it. I shuttered, as I listened to her explain that she felt at his age that she didn't feel he needed the supervised guidance anymore of actual therapy sessions. Gulp. I am not even going to begin to digest that until doc has his exam and xrays to refer to during Donavan's appt. With a pediatric disease like this, PT never ends.. .. when it does you are left with a large group of very important coddled muscles that peter out and then set off to completely discourage the child. I understand that at many levels Donavan should know how to work out independently, say during laps at the Y and such. But he is just too young and without the foresight and insight to be left to his own devices ( I feel) a mothers point of view is all. One of my biggest fears is that Donavan may be developing an impingement upon his newly growing L femoral head and that he will have to have surgery again in Baltimore for what the doc likes to call a "bumpectomy". Shorter surgery, but removal and again more reshaping.. more surgery. Ugh, he barely has much holding himself together now, let alone another extreme make-over. Pray please, that he has no deformity so far or in the future. <3

      We are simply going to just breathe, pray and love until that appt of ours up in Baltimore on Halloween. C :