Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011 ~~~ 2 more days & a wakeup!!!

                It is 6:23pm and John just took Lilah to go and look at a wheelchair we may use, so that I can finish preparing supper...You see I am not finishing :) I wanted to get an earlier start today, so that I may finish before the wee morning hours that I have been keeping. Its taking a tole on me physically now so I am revamping my strategy!

      9:23pm now..had some unexpected obstacles...with only 2 more days and a wake up, I am double timing everything now..packing Donavan, packing myself, packing Lilah's diaper bags to go 4 different ways to 4 different sitters.. packing meds and equipment..can't take very much at all in way of creature comforts for Donavan.. not enough room:( Sure hope I can make up for it once we get there.3 things I personally will not go without- my bible, journal and travel photo album... wait, and my Rolaids :) Our household is all very nervous and sentimental right now... Johns being confirmed next week.. 2 months of classes in between work and both of us schooling..I will be missing this and it stinks but I bask in the glory that it is... BEING DONE <3 Amen.

     Sandy comes to pick up Lorna, Friday to bring her to her home for 3 wks.. so that John and mom do not have to contend with her and worry about her not getting out to potty and so forth. I have so very many little wants before I must leave.. I must choose whats most important now. I think I have it down to 17 little to do's...which is manageable. Tomorrow Julie Fowler is coming down from Mt.Pleasant to see us, she is such a neat lady..amazing mother and now my friend. I will cling to her because I am so incredibly thankful to have a Perthes mum close to me now... she is a remarkable one too, because she has 2 children with perthes disease which is just unheard of! She is bringing with her a brace of her daughters, to show Donavan what it looks like, because he will wear the same one. I am excited to visit with her, another mother who knows exactly what I am and will be going through for the next year and beyond... This summer we have sacrificed for this reconstructive surgery. Donavan's next summer will be sacrificed to leg lengthening. And then I will rest. Really I will. After all  this, his hip will be restructured and strengthened, then his leg length discrepancy will be dealt with, eliminating his horrible limp and back and knee troubles....his body will be able to address stamina...until his first hip replacement. Donavan will most likely have his very first hip replacement in his early 20's..and in case you do not know an average hip replacement lasts between 7&10 years, and you can have 3 a lifetime. ( I am praying very hard.... that technology advances in the next 5 yrs and there will be something amazing available to Donavan then. Okay maybe after his first hip replacement I will rest ;)

     The naval hospital was just as cold and disheartening today as it was yesterday. I will be glad to leave it for this next entire month..Because come July, we will be there most everyday for physical therapy. Donavan works so very well with their therapists, he feels very comfortable and very much cared about up there. I rest in this. Above I posted a picture of Donavan right before the onset of Perthes disease, so that you can see him in all his adorableness and athleticism. He longs to be active like that again. The single most heartbreaking........ statement my son has made to me is " I will never know what its like to run my fastest again." Donavan has battled suicidal feelings a few times and even during those moments he has said nothing to me that has touched me more. Goodnight C: