Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29 March 2011, We had a ball !

11:07 pm, I am getting to bed before midnight tonight...a wonderful close, to an absolute blessed.... evening with the men in my life. Thank you God, you have renewed my spirit this evening and given me a new perspective on "things". I was growing negative and somewhat disgruntled...that's just not... me!If you are reading along as you did last night, you already know this. So many readers last night.... negativity always draws a crowd, that's too bad. I would truly like to believe that others would wish us nothing but well and..... behave kindly. I personally rejoice in others triumphs and I like being happy. I love making others happy.
      We rushed out of the house leaving behind my lovely and supportive mother in law, she came to our home to love on Lilah so that we could go and really give our undivided attention to Donavan. We did and the smiles that graced Donavan's face, had not been seen in many.. many... months, that I had to keep fighting back from tearing up in just pure joy! A perfect evening together to celebrate our last family outing before Donavan and I leave for Baltimore. Church is our regular outing, although loved and revered, it is not an exclusive family event... that compares with our togetherness tonight.There were so many little children there, all laughing and running the court with their balls. While looking at them, I could see little Donavan, from age two to eight sprinting around everywhere at maximum speed underfoot. I remember how skilled he was at soccer and baseball, anything athletic really he was just a natural born athlete. I could not keep Donavan inside as a young boy because he loved to run and stay on his feet from the moment he woke until bath time and bed. Little Donavan was boundless with enthusiasm for life. It kept me moving at a rate always conducive to feeling so productive and happy! And then Perthes arrived into our lives and that all came to a dead stop,  he could barely even raise himself up from his bed . My friend Sandi Foote, who's daughter suffered Perthes, often says to people  " What would you do if your children could not have run and jump and played?" I am so.. very.. thankful... that although Perthes set in so young in Donavan's childhood, that I at least got the very early years to witness those giddy proud, mother moments of seeing your child bolt from the school bus or ball field into your arms all sweaty and wreaking of love. Goodnight C:  11:40pm