Friday, April 1, 2011

1 April 2011~ Underestimated available time

It is 12:14am and we have been packing for almost 4 hours..because of the multitude of other responsibilities that overloaded us today. We had quite a bit of last minute details to figure out. The Lord led us through a very tough day! He sent in a few of his angels (you know who you are)... to steer us in the right directions. Thank Goodness :) So my blog again will unfortunately be limited again tonight, so we can try and get our 5 hrs of sleep and start our morning at 5:30 am... I am posting this photo of Donavan from our visit with doctor standard a few weeks ago. It captures the pure essence of my poor sons frantic anticipation, to hear what the docs final words were after Donavan had spent the day being evaluated. Of course those words all those weeks ago were hopeful and that is why we leave for Baltimore in the morning. Goodnight C: