Saturday, April 2, 2011

2 April 2011~~ I O U post with a picture (-:

1:47am and I am deliriously exhausted from today's goings ons ! Man do I have a post for tomorrow, but I want to give it until the morning for things to turn up and for myself to be rested as right now I just cannot compose :) I will say that the delight of the day & evening was my friend Sandi and her daughter Racheal picking us up from the airport..Racheal suffers Perthes too and is the same age as Donavan and has much wisdom to offer him as she has had a similar surgery. Aren't they adorable together!! We look fwd to spending more time with them here in Baltimore! Alice Hay is here to with her husband David and their boy Tanner, who has just had surgery as well. Alice swooped in and saved me tonight, she drove me all the way to walmart for all we needed and then back again to look for forgotten item...Alice Hay I love you for taking me in tonight, because I am not right, weary with no rest. xoxox's. Tonight's horrible circumstance is that Donavan's laptop case was left in overhead compartment on a Delta flight 1624 into Baltimore...full of his laptop he got for Christmas in Texas from his grandma Bev and all his music :( They made him put it up for take off and we were so busy concerning ourselves with his wheelchair that we walked right off that plane. Praying we can recover it---! I have much more to add in the morning and can't wait. Goodnight C: