Wednesday, April 13, 2011

14 April 2011, One week anniversary!

     Today at 8:40pm was Donavan's  one week anniversary, of the marriage between him and his newly established blood supply in his left hip. I know he does not realize its actually been an entire week gone by. All his meds and pain anxiety, it just sops your brain.. I told him tonight before he fell asleep ( 15 minutes ago) to just try and think back to immediately after surgery last Wednesday.. He said "I don't want to ever think about that again". I then replied " See, you have come so far since then!" ....
     I could blog all day long, if I had a clone to cover my son :D  I have so many things I wish to share, vent and cover. Today was not taxing and I feel wildly tired for no reason. Maybe catching up still, from all the past days & nights spent wide awake with Donavan. All so very worth it to me. Every last nasty and dreadful detail to them. Even the crazy happenings, and believe me there have been some! They will all be in our book eventually. I have learned so much every surgery my son has. I learn more about the nature of pain and the affects it has on a persons entire being .. the tole it takes on innocence and the threat of it lingering overhead almost continuously, it can suffocate you and just as easy suffocate those around you. Always demanding control. I made a conscientious decision to cut every single bit of negativity out of my life and its surroundings today. Feels fantastic and I do believe I am wearing it quite well. Even Donavan noticed. Our children are so sensitive to us, I will never let another negative anything disrupt our stride. This new blood supply will be nurtured by God, Mommy and all of this worlds beauty and grace from here on out. Amen.

     Finally we will have a wheelchair ramp built next week, at home in S.C. ! Our very own church is handling it, Thank you Saint Helena's Episcopal... thank you so much. Last one John built on such short notice and with all half rotten wood scraps. We are so thankful for this one. It will be good and sturdy and will last the entire year I am sure.This was a major immediate need on our wish list!

     Tomorrow Donavan has physical therapy and I can hardly wait. I dread his anxiousness and pain but I revel in the work he has to accomplish because as one therapist says its "molding" his new hip! I have a new tatic to try tomorrow and it involves not just prayer, but some motivation Rocky Balboa would be proud of... Donavan talks constantly of how fit he longs to be. Not just to be able to run and jump carefree, but to be lean, cut and rock solid! I have been looking on craigslist all day and have found 3 or 4 possible gym sets he would adore. If I can put them within his grasp when we get home, in his room he will have a fitness sanctuary. At 14 most teenage boys are not consumed with being physically fit. You get that way when you have been almost solely confined to no running or playing for years on end..Donavan has a great fear of being chained to inactivity the rest of his life. I won't let that happen.

     Tomorrow night is the monthly online Perthes chat with Doc Standard. It begins at 8pm and everyone who is seeking for their children to see doc S, and who is currently under his care, participate in these chats. You sign on with your questions ready to go for when your turn comes and the doctor answers each of your inquiries fully. He does it from his home, with his family around him and after working all day with us.. still he gives. God bless Shawn Standard, his children and the saint he must be married to...I can't wait to meet her and thank her for sharing so much of her husband with my family. I have a few questions I need to ask. As it is now, I am unsure if we will actually be going home at the end of the month or not. Donavan may require some super reinforcement and another few weeks, in which case we will work it out.

     I have so many dear and amazing people in our lives that if I could just write a paragraph about each one it would not be enough.. Tomorrow when the reporter arrives for our interview I am going to only agree to chat if I can first make mention of some of these very awesome people who have shown a ton of special love to my poor kid. They deserve it and Donavan wants to be able to "repay" them, he calls it. I have about 50 thank you notes I brought with us on our trip to Baltimore and every time I get them out along with addresses, for Donavan to write them himself..the boys passes out asleep. Bless him, I am going to help. I ask your prayer for PROTECTION of Donavans new blood supply in his hip, and COURAGE for him to give it his all in PT tomorrow and every PT day after. The smile in this photo, albeit disguised in toothpaste... is GENUINE... and the first like it that I have seen in many days and I am so way happy to see it! His inner strength is being reborn and God has him on deck to bat ! Goodnight C: