Monday, April 18, 2011

18 April 2011, Not my fight

12:45am/ I write tonight happily, lighthearted and hopeful. Today was a really nice day, void of anxiety and stress. We were blessed with a sturdy and amazing wheelchair ramp, a gift from our church family at Saint Helena's Episcopal. No more worrying about this anymore. Feels so good. Shelia, Cristina and Shelby took Lilah in a pinch with hardly any notice, so that John could leave early for school for some overdue time in the library. Thank you Saunders women! Nikki notified me of a great gift she orchestrated for Donavans therapy in Beaufort! PTL. Donavan and I completed his pt together today twice, morning and afternoon. Starting in the morning, we have a very descriptive designed exercise program that takes us about 2 hours to complete each time. Get Donavan from CPM (continuous passive movement ) machine to his brace, then from bed to walker for a short stroll around HP for gait strengthening ( I always try to get him to go further each time) but he grows very dizzy from being in the bed so much. Then back to our room for the 13 stretches and exercises. We wrap up with 10 minutes of TENNS and then back into his brace for our 4 hour on 4 hour off schedule.. He did so well today. No griping at me, no whining and full concentration! He knows these things are molding his new hip. Tomorrow we have pt at the hospital at 3pm for 2 hours. I plan on starting in on all my questions early so that by the end of this week I am fully armed with the knowledge I require to help Donavan feel secure enough with just me when we leave Baltimore, until he is settled in with a therapist. We long to be back home together as a family again.. I miss my husband desperately, my new daughter and my mother in law to bits! Carl Joye has begun a project of recruiting people to send Donavan get well cards, so that when he returns home next week he will have such a warm welcoming .. These, all things that melt my heart. Those, that are reaching out to us during this journey are really making a difference in my family, and I need for them to know this! I lay awake many nights lately, trying to figure out how I can thank to them the huge gratitude that lives in my heart for all their concern, love and support. I think the way to do that is to keep on pressing forward and enabling Donavan to succeed! I have felt such love everywhere around me lately, that I can't help but be totally victorious in this battle for my boy to reclaim some normalcy for his life.

I was reading this passage tonight, right before beginning my blog and God has placed it on my heart to share it now.
"Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, wich He will work for you this day... The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent." Ex. 14:13-14
Thank you Jesus for my life, the goods and bads, the crippling and the freedom. I am yours and so is my family and we serve you. Goodnight C: