Tuesday, April 19, 2011

19 April 2011, Our Blessings (-:

10:03pm/ It seems that it rains everday that we have pt at the hospital. I went and purchased rain gear to be better prepared because it is really difficult getting up that hill soaken, pulling out wet blankets out of the wheelchair spokes. Today Donavan had a trial at pt with his tolerance to increase range of motion. Altough it is only 13 days post op, it is extremley important to stretch out these muscle groups. If you do not, than stiffness sets in and does its best to discourage every movement! The immediate goals are average and somewhat easy, definatley obtainable ( easy for me to say I guess, but this is what the therapists say). I am a nag, I nag Donavan quite constantly about his own welfare. I remind him evryday that if he wants to be well, he must work for it. If he wants to be well and strong, he must really work hard for it! Like the TENNS unit, you can lie there and it will twitch and stimulate the muscle, but unless your flexing while it happens..you are not retraining any muscle. Donavan needs to focus and be there in mind and body :) So much to expect but its just what needs to be! We have only two more sessions...I write down everything I can think of all day long to fire away at the theripists while we are there. I still leave them with so many questions. I have to settle for not knowing everything, sigh lol. Today we took off Donavans bandages for the first time since surgery. WOAH, the incision is 5" longer than his prior incisions and I heard his breath quicken as we both first looked at it. Honestly, it is beautiful. We both remarked how nice a job Dr.Standard did sewing him up. So straight and smooth. Donavans past incisions were so jagged and bumpy. I am glad I have a boy, because the friends I have who's girls have scarring are very self conscience about them. I understand that but am so  thankful Donavan does not mind the scar. Its one less thing to worry about him, worrying about (:
The incision is very healthy, no redness or swelling. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord we live in a country where my sons disease can be treated and treated well. I do not forget this, ever... Our wheelchair ramp is finished and it is the prettiest wheelchair ramp I have ever seen. Never did John and I expect such a decent, quality well made ramp and I just am so happy to ahve it. I imagine Lilah will be walking down it, if not running soon.... Maybe just riding on her brothers lap <3

     I have recieved an email from a professional adult in our town that suffered Perthes as a child. I was so very moved that they contacted me and I can't wait to talk with them. I have a very large network of "perthes family" on the internet and I try very hard to meet and keep up with adult perthes survivors. So many of them that I come into contact with, believed themselves alone. I try and document how they have gotten on in life and what treatments they use and how they cope. I know Donavan will have a hip replacement in his 20's, and will have a lifetime of arthritis to deal with and I want to know what works for others and whats out there for options. No matter what age he is, if I am still around I will help him try to cope. I am going to bed now, Donavans fast asleep next to me and this has not happened before so I am going to try and get some good sleep tonight! 5 days more days here in Baltimore and a wakeup until our check up with Dr.Herzenburg. Hopefully be given the okay to go home to S.C. on Tuesday the 25th, home.. .. to our family. Goodnight C: