Wednesday, April 20, 2011

21 April 2011, Anticipation

12:56am/ Again I am very at peace about the day Donavan had. He really applied himself at physical therapy. It was at 3pm today so we talked about it all day long.. We have been told now, that during his Monday appt before we are given the okay to go ahead home, that only his xray will be reviewed to make for sure the hardware holding his hip together is in place and not broken up in anyway. We have been thinking that the doctors will be looking at his newly created blood supply, to make for sure that its still viable. Not so, this can not be established until 2 to 3 months from now.... I have been so concentrated on this new blood supply that I have been ready to just jump out of my skin to know that its okay and that every things going as planned. Doctor Standards PA, Allison explained to us that it just cannot be confirmed so early. So now, we xray Monday to ensure hip position and placement of the hardware. I will be very glad to know these things are well too, but the new blood supply is my primary interest, for obvious reasons. Donavan says that he just can't stand not knowing. I don't blame him! He fears going through all this and then having his heart broken. We do too, but its worth the try! If we had to do this all over again, I would be on board for it. I don't think he would though.

     I got good word yesterday that Donavans PT will be handled by a very capable and wonderful woman at the hospital when we return. She wants to make for sure that Donavan is handled with extreme care the very first weeks, before being turned over to the pt techs. Dislocation surgeries are not common and not many sports medicine people or therapists are trained at how to handle it... Very delicately. In the first 6 weeks a mere hasty pivot or bending motion, or crossing of the legs can re-dislocate the hip. YES, this petrifies me. Donavan feels extra vulnerable as well..he is older now and understands the ramifications of his actions. Non weight bearing sounds easy, but it is not at all... naturally one wants to put down even a toe to help balance themselves..this is not allowed.

     Donavan is again chattering about fitness and his angst is growing tremendously about the possible weight gain that may happen while he is so inactive. He cannot wait to be released for hydrotherapy! At least he will be doing something he says. As you see above, his computer and music is all he has to rely on. I want to change that and foster a love for swimming in him.. South Carolina's summer are unforgiving. To simply sit in the house and only sit, makes for restlessness and discontent...emotionally and physically. PT will help to fill some of the time, but nothing beats free swim time.

     I begged Donavan all day long, to allow me to take him out for the first time in 2 weeks... Today he was post op 2 weeks and I finally convinced him to venture out for ice cream... he was petrified of bumping his leg, jarring his hip.. it was so tense that he did not really enjoy himself, instead he nagged me to go back to our room. He also is very self conscience about being seen in his chair or walker. That's gonna last 6 months and then crutches. Praying on that for him. Tomorrow is our last pt session and we are alone Friday and the weekend... biding our time until we see doc Herzenberg Monday afternoon. Maybe this weekend I will be able to get him onto the super shuttle and go down to the Ronald McDonald house to visit our old hospital room buddy Paul N. Its Easter weekend, so hard to be alone without family. See you tomorrow its 1:20am and Donavan's still wide awake ( always the way his schedule ends up after surgeries, he gets used to being so tired out during the day from pt and meds) that he naps heavily in the day and can barely snooze at night. Yep, its real hard on me:(
Goodnight C: