Monday, April 25, 2011

25 April 2011, Explanation

I have not blogged since the night after we arrived home because its been a busy tornado of so many things going on here. I have been furiously chipping away at our thank you notes, and that's made me feel a little bit better. I refuse to write a form letter and mass copy it to stuff in every envelope...period. Everyone who has sent Donavan a note, card or donation did it in their personal time, with their own personal touch. John and I want to reach back out to everyone that have reached out to us! I have 2 video's that I want so badly to post and simply cannot get them edited :( I have tons to report and will do so happily, just as soon as we tighten up our loose ends around the Holt household (: Its still a very rigorous schedule with Donavan and his stretches/exercises and CPM...meds, meals and moving....Nights...oh the nights are so rough. They rival what its like having a newborn baby in the house, because its pain we are dealing with not a newborns  hunger. Days are at warp speed, especially when you throw Ms.Lilah into the mix, she is a MOVER and a SHAKER now !!!!! I miss writing and sharing our ups and promise to be back to it here by the end of the week! THANK YOU, for all the comments and emails that you have been sending John and I .... knowing that we are so supported, honestly makes a huge difference to us. Its a warm hug, when our eyes cross over your compliments, suggestions and compassion ! Don't forget about us, we are making our way back! The photograph above is of Easter day, with Johns mum Jonnie Sue... she is like my best friend and I thank God for her. We BBQ'd lol and attended evening service. It was a blessed day we are very thankful for. See you soon, Goodnight C: