Wednesday, April 27, 2011

27 April, 2011 Our pride in Donavan and his immense will power and spirit !

1:27am..up with John while we complete some homework towards finals..again. Almost over, YAY. Today my friends, has been a very awesome and exciting day (in my opinion). The photo above of the train tracks headed into the light, captured my attention today because that is how we feel Donavan and our family are headed..full steam ahead, and into the light. The light, the righteous inspiration, all from our Lord Jesus Christ. Our family we have surrounding us of other fellow Christian's and their families... even unbelievers (on their way) and other, believers......lifting up our little family with love and rock solid support. John and I most definitely feel the Divine guidance now. It's not a plainly seen path laid out for us, but its clearly marked so far ; )

     The photo of our herb garden (compliments of Donavan, while he was still able bodied before surgery) he planted each and everyone on our back porch. Just look at each pot..Dill, rosemary, basil, fennel, parsley, cilantro, mint and thyme... MMMmmmm they are so fragrant! An example of the hope Donavan had pre-surgery...of growing just like these plants. <3

     Also please see the Wren nest, nicely seated into our front door basket full of 4 wee Wren babies and their Momma.. this has been a miracle of nature.. This nest has weathered many slammings of the door and harsh rains and winds..still the mother never abandoned her children and their home on our front door. Look very closely and you can see their tiny beaks ( heart bursting with joy, just thinking of it ) God bless these babies ! Have you ever heard of the stories of how mommy birds abandon their nests, with their babies inside when they become distracted or disinterested? Or when they feel the nest has been tainted by human touch or otherwise? So heartbreaking. I wonder if all the daddy's take over full time and see to it that the babies are well cared for?? Maybe then the mommies come back to the nest and try taking it back over and demand their title back? I don't think they deserve it. Maybe then she refuses to let daddy bird see or connect with the baby birds anymore either, because she feels threatened? What a travesty if this does take place, babies NEED BOTH their parents, in their lives....PSG.

     Donavan Truth has done an amazing job at his daily exercises and stretches... I feared so much a few days ago he was about to quit because his lack of sleep because of pain was really killing his vision and enthusiasm... Not a chance ! He is back and he is standing firm in the face of fear with a vengeance, and great determined goals to beat the band !  Even today as we were so hurried to wake and get out the door for our early morning appt at the hospital, Donavan did not receive his entire dose of combination pain meds ( I dropped that ball, because he begged to sleep longer) but still he pressed on with the Lieutenant with very few tears and more gumption than we have seen in a longtime ! AMEN, thank you Lord, thank you for this teenager in our lives that even today is showing us up, in the fortitude department of life under pressure. Donavan is making his way ! He is trail blazing his own path and realizing it as he is doing it. The look today when he finished, was priceless and I kept it personal to my heart and in my memory instead of sharing it by way of camera with you, because some of these moments are to stay sacred with a mother. Between only her and God ! I can't wait for Friday and our next session! See the photos of Lilah sitting patiently in brothers chair, as I did Donavan's exercises with him at home yesterday ( Thank the Lord I could be home!) 

   John and I have some prayer requests to enlist your help with if you do not mind ?  :)
That we are able to enjoy seeing one another more often between work and school. That God direct us more clearly as to the path he wants us to choose while deciding where we are moving to. Its a huge move and we need steadfast prayer! The opportunities are amazing and just waiting for us ! Please pray for our family protection from all evil spirited events and encounters. That God bind all of it and deliver us safely where he wants us. That God hold us as tightly in his arms as he has over the past many months that we struggle to make the best decisions for ourselves and our beautiful family. Prayer for my lovely mother in law that she succeeds in her goals and enjoys a wonderful summer with us and my sister and brother in law. Prayer that Doctor Standard is able to determine whats best for Donavan along the lines of the next treatment he will begin very soon! Blessings for every single person that's been reaching out to us and keeping our spirits up and enabling us to be 2 places at once (literally) lol. We LOVE them all !!!! Goodnight C: