Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 May, 2011- Money can't buy everything.. ..

11:07pm/ Taking a break for a more lighthearted shorter blog tonight. As I spent this evening with my family I was swamped with the overwhelming feeling of contentment and love, even in the face of adversity (as usual) usual daily/nightly difficulties.. Duns pain, exercises, chores.. disappointments..deadlines.....the same old same old.. I felt a glow tonight.

Money cannot buy the feeling Donavan  got today by going down our new wheelchair ramp (ALONE), without me nagging him half to death to be more careful.

Money couldn't buy the freedom he felt today, rolling down the street alone (me behind him (:  ) in front of our home, after being couped up the past 4 and a half months... out of school, at home in bed in pain 24/7...hospitalized for major surgery in Baltimore for a month and tethered to the bed now in brace and CPM... until further notice.

Money can't buy the look on your 7 month old sisters face, while she sits in your lap on the wheelchair, while Mom rolls you quickly over the bumps in the yard on a sunny day.

Money, .25 cents that is, does buy Donavan happiness of a stars and stripes cola, everyday we are at the hospital right before PT. The energy and boost it gives him to work with his pain meds, through out the strenuous and painful workout is priceless.

Money cannot buy the PEACE he feels wrapped in his favorite red plaid woolen blanket, on the table in clinic after PT, hooked up to NMES for pain control and relaxation after a hard session.

Money can't buy the feeling Donavan has opening get well cards, from strangers and some friends, wishing him well and great future happiness !

Money can't buy the generosity of people, to share their love and blessings with our son!!!!!! We will never be able to fully thank each and everyone of the beautiful people who have taken their time to write my boy ! The best I can promise is that I will be with Donavan every moment, every single second, step, breath...on his way back in recovery. No matter what. Even when he hates me for pushing him (as he does, because that's what we do in life...we are hardest on the ones we know won't abandon us when the tough gets going and grabs us up) Goodnight C: