Saturday, April 30, 2011

30 April 2011, Standard Practice

11:31pm/ I am sort of picking up where I left off last posting, except I am not going to relive all of it. So tonight I am going to briefly use the pics I have posted to say what we want said.. Last pt session was all new exercises and they were excruciating to Donavan. Lilah is always on my hip when we go and now I am rethinking that very seriously...she reacted when Donavan began to moan and then cry, see her eyes in this photo above? Those were of shock and fear, she was so uncomfortable she went straight to a half frozen bottle we had with us not yet thawed because I do not nurse during these times. She was comforted, so I was relieved. Donavan thought that the old stretches would be the only thing we would ever do.. his exercises will change often, according to what Dr.Standard wants and its going to get very hard from here on out. When you have had every major muscle group cut from the top of your knee to your lower takes a lot of work to come back..and we will !

     Donavan was so tired and drained when he finished that I would have just liked to take him directly hoe, but we had to first refill at the new new pharmacy at the hospital, take a ticket..wait and then wait some more. Lilah served as humorous entertainment for brother as we waited. Donavan insisted on holding her although his weakness scared me. I know she inspires him with her endless smiling...! We are so thankful for our physical therapy and pharmacy, no matter the wait because they are wonderful, wonderful people ! Before we scooted out we ran to ortho to pick up a pair of crutches. Doc Standard says to have them on hand so that  Donavan keeps in mind that he cannot rely on his walker too long.. About another 4 weeks and he will be crutches for very short distances and always wheelchair for longer ones for the next 6 months easily.

     Then back at HOME.. .. lunch if I can force him to have some or a juice and he hits the bed for a couple hour nap..with Lorna. Lorna loves this boy like he was her own. She adores both the children...we couldn't be more blessed with a more loving, loyal and gentle dog in our lives ! Thank you Lord..!

     Dr.Standard rang John and I yesterday and we spoke for a good long while. I was multi-tasking as usual and I did not expect his call whatsoever... I was delighted to hear his voice. "Meg, I am out of the OR today, how is Donavan?"  ...... This our sons SURGEON..calling our home, to check upon him!!! Have you ever heard such a thing?? Patiently explaining to me what to explain to John when he came home, on the changes we should be expecting and the structure he wants implemented. Waiting patiently again for ALL my questions.... and I mean all of them. I had so many. Even with Allison, Docs PA..she is an angel and always gets back. But just as soon as she does, we have 10 more to ask. I know God gave this amazing man to us, to help restore my boy to a "child" the best humanly possible. In so many ways Donavan is like a 70 yr old man... Chronic pain for 7 and a half years of your life ages you and sky rockets you into early maturity :( Doctor Standard wants to give Donavan back to Donavan, zest for life..HIS LIFE!
John and I are so thankful for this doctor and his amazing team! There is no failing with them, no QUITTING, no laziness, no lackluster anything. Just Gods intended BEST ! I love Doctor Standard and his wife for sharing him  with all our children and us, so often ! I pray every blessing upon him and his family, and all the staff that surrounds doctor Standard in his never ending pursuit to change the lives of these children assaulted so viciously by Perthes disease. Goodnight C: