Monday, March 28, 2011

28 April 2011, Haters abound:(

This was Donavan's father, deceased Marine, Donavan M Halpin (died July 1997) Donavan was 8 months old. No, there was no SGLI to be had for us, for little Donavan or his life, because his father was still legally married to another woman and we were not entitled. I fought that year and all the next to establish little Donavans dependancy with headqtrs Marine Corps and then again in 2009 when we arrived in S.C. from Texas. So that should clear up hate mail #1 that I recieved today anonymously. Thank you.
     I wish so much that I could just blog tonight about Donavan and our family, the sharp edge that my son is on and how he is dealing with his prospects of being again confined to a wheelchair/walker and crutches again for 7 or so months... and try and homeschool the rest of 8th grade to continue on with high school...the fact that we can't find his homebound instructor and he just stopped showing up...that he left with a bunch of accomplished work of my sons and that he has not turned it in yet! Beaufort County School district has ditched us. It took almost 3 months to even secure a qualified homebound instructor..we have had so many troubles. Please if you are reading this right now, pray that Donavan does not get held back in 8th grade because he has no homebound instructor and that his work be turned in and that we get another fine instructor that will be patient and wonderful with Donavan the rest of the year...because he will be going through SO much, not just trying to pass the 8th grade. Donavans test scores are excellent, we wish he just CLEPP out of the 8th grade :( I will tackle Beaufort County School District at the state level just as soon as I get home !

     ***Please notice we have revised Donavans website, www.ahipfordonavan to reflect current information regarding his insurance, travel and other things...facts that our family wants clear. Updated immediate needs and wants.
We still have a very difficult and insecure year ahead of our family.. I ask mostly prayer right now for our mental well being as well as physical. For safety and guidance, that John and I be both empowered and armed with every resource available to keep our family afloat. I didn't realize putting my family out here would draw out such nastiness and unhappy people that thrive off others failures and heartbreaks...But the anonymous emails I have received tonight are downright hateful and inexcusable... Shameless and destructive. : (

     3 days and a wakeup...... until Donavan and I leave for Baltimore. I have got to give this worry to God before I make myself very sick. Hoping to confirm new flight arrangements and rent car travel home to Beaufort, from Baltimore, arrangements... tomorrow... with a very special and patient and kind woman in our corner. Tomorrow night, we take Donavan to see The Harlem Globe Trotters in we secured with our tax funds when it came in a month ago. (for those concerned) I am hoping it lights this kids heavy and dark heart right up!!!! We will take pictures for everyone <3
     ***John and I, would like to extend an invitation to most people that wish to donate to Donavan and his needs.. that they are welcome to review our financial information, both personal and Donavans fund, " a hip for Donavan" .... if requested.

     To all the wonderful and amazing people that have been contacting us with uplifting joy and advice, we love you, we thank you... and please don't be strangers ~!!! Goodnight C: