Friday, April 29, 2011

29 April 2011, postpone for tomorrow

12:06am/ planned on being capable of blogging now, but today at physical therapy for Donavan was a doozy, and he just can't seem to settle this evening and even with his meds onboard he is having a great deal of painful spasaming. Can't blog and care for and comfort my boy, so tomorrow it is. This photograph was taken after his session of all new stretches today, it was completely unbearable to him at times. Heartbreaking to a mother... heartbreaking is an understatement. We were told all these stretches are "molding" his new hip, so basically as harsh as it sounds, no pain is no gain. Will pick up tomorrow where we are leaving off tonight. Donavan also has a fever, that we are quite sure is unrelated to his surgery but does not help matters. I thank God, for the Leuitenant we have conducting Donavans physical therapy..she is a mother herself and understands so much. See you tomorrow. We have more photo's to add and further description of Donavans new structured therapy. Goodnight C:
John, Meg, Donavan and Lilah